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Sherry Robinson
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Sherry Robinson is a long-time New Mexico journalist and author. Robinson began her career in 1975 as the Navajo Nation stringer for the Gallup Independent. She's worked for newspapers and television and was also science writer at the University of New Mexico, editing the award-winning research magazine, Quantum. In 1997 she received a Woman on the Move award from the YWCA in Albuquerque. She was named Woman of Achievement in 1980 by New Mexico Press Women. In 2003 she was an Honorary Commander at Kirtland Air Force Base. She has won writing awards from ten communications organizations. She's given talks about the Apaches as a speaker for the New Mexico Humanities Council since 1999. Robinson is a Colorado native who has lived in New Mexico since 1975 and is a graduate of the University of New Mexico.


El Malpais, Mt. Taylor, and the Zuni Mountains: A Hiking Guide and History

Apache Voices, UNM Press, is based on the work of historian Eve Ball, author of In The Days of Victorio and Indeh. Apache Voices adds new information to the record and re-examines the work of Ball. She is now at work on a book about the Lipan Apaches.


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