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Marten Griego
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Marten Griego is an advocate for literacy. He serves on the Board of Directors for ReadWest Inc., Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Eight years ago he was functionally illiterate. Today, he is a published author. Through literacy Marten has found abundant treasures: acceptance, gratitude, prosperity and life. “The gift of literacy lights the mind with knowledge, and that knowledge stirs the wisdom within. My mind became clear and, through the writing of my book, I released the negativity that imprisoned me.”


Currently Marten is making presentations for United Way of Central New Mexico; he will be a guest speaker and give motivational workshops at The New Mexico Coalition for Literacy’s annual conference on June 15-16, 2007. Currently, talks are underway with Mark Cass, from International ProLiteracy America to be a speaker, give motivational workshops and student workshops at their annual meeting in Arlington, Virginia on November 7-10. Marten’s dream of becoming a national spokesperson is becoming a reality.




Leaving the House of Tears.

ISBN: 13:978-0-9785351-0-0

Future Destinations Publishing


Written by a man who was functionally illiterate eight years ago, this story portrays his struggle with adversity, illiteracy, addiction, and the evil that spirals his spirit into darkness. 


Mental illness runs in his family. His mother teaches him to repeat the chant, “I rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus Christ”. But the curse is not lifted. The eleven year old boy is an alcoholic and filled with anger toward God. At the age of twenty-six, he is pronounced mentally ill. Mental medications, street drugs and alcohol become his drugs of choice. Anger and self-pity dominate his life.




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