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Tim Glass
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Timothy Glass was born in Pennsylvania and moved to the southwest with his
family as a child. Tim graduated from the University of New Mexico. He spent
some time in New England and now lives just outside of Albuquerque, New

He is a multi-award winning computer scientist and business consultant. Tim
was voted Who's Who Entrepreneur International, Who's Who in the Computer
Industry by Thornton Rockefeller and Harlan Carnegie, Who's Who in Business
Worldwide, and is a lifetime member of Sterlingıs Who's Who in Business.

Tim started his writing career as a journalist, under the pen name of C.
Stewart. He has written and had published more than 300 nonfiction articles
nationally and internationally for the health and fitness industry. In the
summer of 1991, one article, "The Heat is On," was attributed to saving a
life when a young California runner collapsed from heat stress. Shortly
before the incident, the runner's partner had read the article and attended
to his partner until the EMTıs arrived. The emergency medical crew believed
it was through the partner's keen knowledge of what to do in the event of
heat stress that saved the young runner's life.

Tim founded and wrote the "Crime Watch" column for the Better Business
Bureau of New Mexico. He also founded and is the editor of eBroadcastNews a
publication on computer and Internet security.

He was a freelance journalist for It's a Wrap magazine, a New Mexico
entertainment quarterly until the magazine's retirement in the late 1990's
and he has worked as a regular contributing writer for several New York
based magazines.

Several TV series featured a half hour episode about Tim's quest for answers
on the William Max story. Tim's latest nonfiction book, Until the End of
Time, received an award judged by senior nonfiction editor P. Kaganoff of
Simon and Schuster and placed first in the Southwest Writers nonfiction
contest 2004.

He has completed the screenplay based on his nonfiction book, Until the End
of Time that made the finals in the Hollywood Film Festival Magnum Discovery
awards and received a certificate of merit. He is currently working on
several writing projects, including the Sleepytown Beagles children's book
series. Tim enjoys the company of his wife, Cathy, and his tri-colored
beagles. He also enjoys camping, hiking, weight training and woodworking. He
is a member of the Author's Guild of America, Author's League of America,
Southwest Writers, and past member of IEEE Computer Society.
  • Sleepytown Beagles, Panda Meets Ms. Daisy Bloom Released Summer 2006
  • Sleepytown Beagles, Penny’s 4th of July  Released Winter 2006
  • Sleepytown Beagles, Oh Brother!  Due out summer of 2007


Order from Tim's Web site--see Contact Information at right.

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