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Stephen Ausherman
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Stephen Ausherman was the 2005 Writer-in-Residence for Buffalo National River in Arkansas, Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, and Bernheim Forest in Kentucky.
He has worked as a public health assistant in Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania, a teacher in Korea and China, and a journalist in India.

In pursuit of stories as a freelance journalist, Ausherman

drove a dogsled over an Alaskan glacier, hiked a Honduran cloud forest with two US Marines, slept among former headhunters in Borneo, and took a 1500-mile road trip across Iraq in an Oldsmobile.

His recent works are of the Southern literary persuasion.

Born in China and raised in North Carolina, he's lived in Albuquerque since 1996.


Fountains of Youth, a novel

Livingston Press/University of West Alabama

(July 2006)

Born and abandoned in the Dixie Court Motel of Stillwater County, Cyrus Slant grew up in the generous care of an East Indian proprietor. Yet Cyrus yearns for the return of a father he never met: Lester Current, the celebrated journalist who describes Stillwater as a hornet's nest of witchcraft and ill temper. On a late summer night, Lester checks into the Dixie Court, only to vanish before dawn. The ensuing hunt grows into an enlightening journey for Cyrus, as he confronts the myths and realities of the peculiar folk who populate his county.

"The world Ausherman conjures is a colorful and quirky one." --Publishers Weekly

Restless Tribes, travel stories

Central Ave Press (2004)

A Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award finalist.

"Restless Tribes is a truly globe-spanning experience that takes in not only the great places but the ordinary lives of the people who call each location home. Love, heartbreaking loss and the struggles of individuals trying to make sense out of wars, lingering hatred, and even genocide add an empathetically human touch to this powerful memoir." - Midwest Book Review

"Chock-full of real pathos, real humor, real madness, real sadness." - Bullfight Review

Typical Pigs, a novel,

is not recommended.

Coming Soon:

Night Weeding and Other Late-Hour Stories

Winner of the Southern Hum Chapbook Competition

Thirteen new and selected works of short fiction.


As of this writing, both Page One and Bookworks have Fountains of Youth listed, but not in stock yet.

Albuquerque public libraries have several copies on order. There's always and

Restless Tribes should be available at all of the above.

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