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Bruce Hoppe
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Bruce Hoppe works as a freelance journalist. He served his apprenticeship as a reporter for the Union County Leader in Clayton, New Mexcio. During the five years he was there, he won nine New Mexico Press Association awards for writing. He earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. A firm believer in the use of humor in literary fiction, Hoppe is fond of quoting Mark Twain. “The truth must be told through humor otherwise people will kill you.”





Don’t Let All The Pretty Days Get By

A Postmodern Romp Through The New West


What if a small New Mexico ranch came under siege by nudist balloonists? What if a pretty, pint-sized fireball of a ranch daughter, Teddy Gibbs, took on these “new recreationistas”—what does that portend for the nation’s heartland where family ranches are disappearing faster than soft money in an election year? And what if Teddy was accompanied in her quest by a band of freethinkers bound together by a mutual abiding reverence for the entertainment value of anarchy?


Award-winning author Bruce Hoppe answers these questions and more in Don’t Let All The Pretty Days Get By (216 pp., tpb $12.95), a novel of seriocomic originality and a tour de force of American theater of the tongue-in-cheek.


Nancy Zafris, fiction editor of The Kenyon Review, wrote, “(Bruce) has an understanding of the human condition that explains the touch of wryness with which he handles his characters’ foibles. I was in the presence of an action hero with a huge brain, what else could anyone want?”


Don’t Let All The Pretty Days Get By explores the landscape that is the New West; a place of changing land use patterns, behind-the-scenes chicanery at Indian gaming casinos and political hi jinks that pass for governance in state legislatures.




Publisher: Back-To-One Books, Santa Fe


ISBN 0-9777611-0-X order at bookstores; or online at Amazon or (20% discount for bookclubs on web page orders)


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