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Tammy Bennett
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Tammy Bennett, 46 years old, and married now lives in Gallup, New Mexico with her husband, Michael and their 10 year old, Golden Retriever, Indy. Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, Tammy attended the Holy Family Catholic School until her father relocated their family to Austin Texas where she attended Fulmore Junior High school, and went on to attend Travis High School.


            As a child, Tammy found that she had a passion for writing short stories. Of course, being raised in Louisiana where voodoo takes on a life of its own, Tammy wrote about witches, ghosts, and demons, discovering that she had a certain knack for writing this specific genre. As Tammy grew so did her passion for writing and during high school vowed to attend college where she could expand her writing skills to eventually become a published writer.


            For Tammy, however there would be no going to college right away. Instead, she decided to start a family, and pursue her writing on a more of a freelance basis. With many short stories under her belt, and all of the right contacts she needed, Tammy went on to write for online publications while she was researching and putting together her first book—Demon Passing: The Legacy.




Demon Passing: The Legacy


            Written under a pseudonym, Tamara Delancre, Demon Passing is the first in a trilogy, and mixes reality with fantasy as her readers are taken down a path of sorcery and demon worship.

can be ordered directly from Ingrams.


Visit Tamara Delancre’s official website for the book at:

Contact Information:

Home (505) 863-3474
Cell (505) 409-7388