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Clyde James Aragon
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Clyde James Aragon was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico which is why he has a Bachelor's degree from the University of New Mexico, an item which he hopes won't be held against him. Most of his published work has been prose humor although he has created crossword puzzles, bilingual crossword puzzles, and greeting card material.

He has also written many plays and radio plays, most notably, The Translated Works of Stephen Watts Kearny And His Army Of The West, which premiered on July 2002 at the Fourth Annual Hispanic Playwrights Festival in Fort Worth; and the radio play, Blackbeard's Tuna, performed in conjunction with Albuquerque's American Theatre Ensemble and KUNM and which was broadcast on June 4, 2006 on KUNM-FM.


TALES OF DELIGHT AND SHAME -19 humorous stories with a Southwest/Hispanic edge. The stories begin on the high seas with Christopher Columbus' true thoughts on his first voyage and end in space with the confrontation of the USS Vagacielos with a pinata-shaped space creature. In between are Pancho Villa's experiments in weather forecasting, Billy the Kid's unexpected visitation by La Llorona on the night of his death, the strange comic book figure Gila Monster Man, the chronicle of Captain Miguel Casaba inside the human body, and the heretofore unknown dealings of the true Frankenstein of the Americas. Cliff Zone Books; ISBN: 0-9648641-0-X; LCCN: 95-92560; 176-page paperback

THE PC AFFAIR; a comic mystery murder, mayhem, and data processing - Silicon Valley is now safe from terror, extortion, murder, and boredom as private eye William Sullage checks in for duty in this comic detective novel. Armed with his trusty silver Berretta and backed up by an Internet-connected computer, P.I. Sullage searches for the culprit dropping dead bodies all around a California computer dealer. Along the way, he meets up with a baseball-tossing assassin, business-oriented Mafia mobsters, a fabulously wealthy musical instrument mogul, a beautiful motel registrar, a cheating wife, and a psychic stoolie. Cliff Zone Books; ISBN: 0-9648641-1-8; LCCN: 96-092977; 160-page paperback

ABANDON ALL HOPE; cheerful humor for impossible days -20 humorous stories dealing with such items as the bumbling machinations of castle intrigue in Macbeth, P.I., detective to the Middle Ages; to the travails of Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov trying to get his subject to cooperate in Pavlov's Cat; and the tale of Dr. Sherlock Holmes chasing evil Professor Moriarty across London hoping to thwart a fiendish candy substitute plot in The Pill School. But more awaits as Doc Holliday and the Earps fight fish rustling in Shoot-Out at the O.K. Fishing Hole; military leaders and top scientists race against time to stop the Nazi menace by building a better cocktail in The Manhattan Project; and a man who loses his chile cooking crown goes mad trying to regain it in The Fall of the House of Estrada. Cliff Zone Books; ISBN: 0-9648641-2-6; LCCN: 00-092523; 150-page paperback

THE ULTIMATE BILINGUAL CROSSWORD PUZZLE - Spanish/English translation puzzles offering a bilingual twist for crossword puzzle fans and students of Spanish. Three different types of puzzles await you. 12 puzzle booklet

THE SOUTHWEST IN PUZZLES - Southwest-themed puzzles testing your knowledge or sending you off to the road atlas to study this fascinating area of the country. 12 puzzle booklet

THE COMIC SOUTHWEST - six humorous short stories ranging from Spanish For Dogs to Mythical Fruits and Vegetables of the Southwest to Frankenstein of the Americas. Booklet


Books available by mail through the author's book website: Cliff Zone Books ( Mailing Address: 1808 Cherokee Rd. NW; Albuquerque, NM 87107; e-mail:; telephone: (505)-247-3573

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