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Lilah Westrick
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L. Lilah Westrick is the published author of the new fantasy fiction novella, in, the Lord of The Eagles'; Destiny Series, published by Publish America Books: Lilah grew up bi-coastally between Florida and California. She now lives in Albuquerque New Mexico, where she resides as a full time author, Part time Grant Writer and Part time Mental Health Minister/Counselor She is divorced and the mother of three grown sons who live in various states. She is a graduate of Cottonwood School of Ministry College, with a degree in biblical studies, and has taken many mental health and substance abuse courses both at the university level. She is scheduled to appear on radio shows in the Albuquerque and Florida areas, and is currently scheduled to be interviewed in various magazines, between, Florida, California and throughout the state of New Mexico. She is a member of The New Mexico Book Co-op, and is the niece of renowned Florida resident and Time Warner Author, Judy Candis, Author of her recent release, All Things Hidden.


Lord of The Eagles' Destiny
Whispers of an Angel
The Yeshua Factor
In the Realms of My Father
The Hireling Conspiracy
The Force of One


New Mexico Book Co-op (during the NM State Library lecture series in the Governors Palace)

Throughout the US in major chain book stores

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