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Jane Lindskold
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Jane Lindskold is the author of sixteen currently published novels, with more novel releases scheduled. Her more recent works include the five volumes of the Firekeeper Saga, the historical fantasy The Buried Pyramid and the contemporary fantasy Child of a Rainless Year. She has also had published over fifty short stories. Most of her writings are in the area of Science Fiction and Fantasy, but she has also written mysteries, historicals, and literary criticism. A former college professor of English, Lindskold enjoys talking both about her books and about the act of writing itself.


Wolf Hunting
Fifth book in the Firekeeper Saga

Child of a Rainless Year
Tor, May 2005 (hardcover)

Wolf Captured
Fourth book in the Firekeeper Saga
Tor, November 2004 (hardcover)

The Buried Pyramid
Tor, May 2004 (hardcover)

The Dragon of Despair
Third book in the Firekeeper Saga
Tor, April 2004 (paperback)
Tor, August 2003 (hardcover)

Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart
Second book in the Firekeeper Saga
Tor, August 2003 (paperback)
Tor, August 2002 (hardcover)

Through Wolf's Eyes
First book in the Firekeeper Saga
Tor, June 2002 (paperback)
Tor, August 2001 (hardcover)

Lord Demon
(completion of an unfinished novel by Roger Zelazny)
Avon Eos, August 1999

A Novel of the Athanor
Avon Eos, December 1998

(completion of an unfinished novel by Roger Zelazny)
AvoNova, August 1997

When The Gods Are Silent
AvoNova, June 1997

Smoke and Mirrors
AvoNova, June 1996

Prima, May 1996

Pipes of Orpheus
AvoNova, October 1995

Marks of Our Brothers
AvoNova, June 1995

Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls
AvoNova, December 1994

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