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Dori Dalton
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Dori Dalton has lived in Hawaii, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and presently, New Mexico. She considers herself a "four corners" native, and her love of the region and its people, folklore, and sacred sites are vividly captured in her poetic writing style. Dori's desire to bring a true sense of place to readers prompted a trip to Ireland, and her experience of the country's land and people is beautifully woven into her novel, The Shamrock and the Feather.

Dori has co-written articles for local magazines and newspapers, and currently works for The Bioneers, an internationally recognized organization dedicated to promoting environmental and social restoration. Her second novel, a much awaited sequel to The Shamrock and The Feather, is presently underway. The Daltons currently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with their two cats, Bob and Fat Man.


The Shamrock and The Feather
New Age Thriller
ISBN: 1-890109-39-8
Imprint: CrossTIME
398 pages
7" x 9" paperback (with visionary soundtrack CD)

The Shamrock and The Feather is Dori Dalton's premiere novel and brings to life her knowledge and passion for photography, the West, and mysticism. Her gift of storytelling is illustrative of her German-Irish heritage, and is deftly presented in this epic novel where the lines between fact and fiction blur.

The Shamrock and The Feather is not your typical book. It is a breathtaking journey of people and places ignited through word...and music! Together with her husband, acclaimed jazz pianist Bert Dalton, they have combined their creative talents to produce this unique reading and listening experience that goes beyond the written word. For more information about the Visionary Soundtrack that accompanies each novel, please visit:


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