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Dr. Richard Peck
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At age 19, Richard E. Peck was commissioned the youngest officer and pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps. He then completed college in 2-1/2 years, his Ph.D. in three. He's worked as a stock boy, door-to-door salesman, disk jockey, playwright, actor and club comic, and eventually university president of three universities. Not all at once.

His novels celebrate the places he's lived: Philadelphia, Rome, New Mexico, Wisconsin. He writes--all day, every day--when he's not golfing or visiting his grandchildren. He has a clear goal in mind for his work. "Two novels a year," he says. "Each one better than the last, until I get it right."



Jackalope Casino (completed & submitted 2006)
Philly Amateurs (UNM Press: 2006)
Strategy of Terror (SevenLocks Press: 2005)
Dead Pawn (UNM Press: 2004)
Something for Joey (Bantam: 1978)
Final Solution (Doubleday: 1973)


All the Courses in the Kingdom : An American Plays at the Birthplace of Golf (REPertory Publishing: 2003)
The New Mexico Experience: A Confluence of Cultures (The Sierra Press:1998)

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