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Lloyd Rivera
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Lloyd D. Rivera, age 58, a retired teacher ('98), is now a folk artist in Taos, as well as a writer and historian. He researched northern NM history from 1972 to 2002.


"Camino Real North," is ready to print, but the author lacks publishing $$$. He can xerox 70 pages, maps, and a Bilingual ESL/SSL Cognate-Vocabulary Guide that accompanies "CRN." $20.00 "You'll be surprised at content and maps!"

Anasazi-Aztec trade merchandise, Spanish ex-
peditions, Onate colony, French trappers, El
Camino Real, Sacred arts, acequias, Pedro Vial,
New Mexico Volunteer Regiment, Woodstock II Mora, NM, Tijerina. Also, rare maps!
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