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Author /Book Club Connection

Authors: Albuquerque and New Mexico

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Links to local authors who have agreed to be included on our ABCC site.

Note to book clubs: Please use this contact information only to contact authors to appear at your book club meeting. The authors have been gracious enough to provide their contact information solely for this purpose. We hope that you have some wonderful visits and that you will send us reports and photos to add to our Web site.

Author Information

Clyde James Aragon

Stephen Ausherman

Ana Baca

Ray Michael Baca

Helena Bachmann Milligan

Mark Bennett

Tammy Bennett

Don Bullis

Sandra Cline

Dori Dalton

Rabbi Malka Drucker

Chris Eboch

Mel Eisenstadt

Zelda Gatuskin

Joan McIver Gibson

Tim Glass

Lisa Bear Goldman

Marten Griego

Melody Groves

Annie Harmon

Bruce Hoppe

Lisa Lenard-Cook

Jane Lindskold

Lucy Moore

Sharon Niederman

Paula Paul

Richard Peck

Marcia Preston

Roberta Price

Shirley Raye Redmond

Lloyd Rivera

Sherry Robinson

Lois Ruby

Penny Rudolph

Linda Lasswell Spaulding

David Stuart

Pari Noskin Taichert

Edith Tarbescu

Lilah Westrick

See our "News" section for reports of author/book club meetings.