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Melody Groves
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I live what I write.

As a native New Mexican, I live and breathe the Western life. My novels are set in southern NM and Arizona during the 1860s and feature a family of brothers who have come west from Indian Territory.

My membership in NM Gunfighters allows me to "shoot" the sheriff every Sunday in Old Town. This is where I gain firsthand experience in looking down the barrel of a .45 revolver or as part of a gang of outlaws facing off with the lawmen. I know what it's like to hit the ground "wounded." My insight with these experiences proves invaluable when writing my shoot 'em up Westerns.

My rodeo book came about not only because of my enthusiasm with anything Western, but it's also based in part on my experiences bull riding. Those few times on the back of a one-ton bull gave me huge insight into the rodeo world - a world I truly respect.

I write what I live.


The Quest
Sonoran Rage

These are the first two in a series. The third, Arizona War, should be out in a couple of months. They are all set in the 1860s in Southern NM and Arizona and are fiction with a lot of history thrown in.

My non-fiction is:
Ropes, Reins, and Rawhide: All About Rodeo
This will be coming out in May or June though UNM Press and will be available everywhere - I hope.

I know these aren't books, but I also write screenplays (Speaking for the Dead, Love Your Local Ghost), and magazine features for: True West, NM Magazine, abqARTS, Desert Exposure, Albuquerque The Magazine, Humps 'n Horns.


Hastings (Wyo & Mont), Rio Grande Gallery in Old Town, COAS BOOKStore in Las Cruces, author, Barnes & Noble on line, and through Xlibris.

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(By Melody Groves, writing as Mesa Dean)