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Helena Bachmann Milligan
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H.B. Milligan (Helena Bachmann Milligan) is a graduate of New York University. She majored in journalism and, immediately after graduation, worked as a staff writer at the Herald Statesman in Yonkers, N.Y.(currently The Journal News)

In the 1990s she served as a European correspondent for USA Today. Her current job (since 1998) is as the Geneva, Switzerland correspondent for Time Magazine.

In addition to the above publications, Helena also contributed articles for Los Angeles Times, N.Y. Newsday, United Press International, and others.

She lives in Geneva, Switzerland and Bradenton FL.

Teeth in a Pickle Jar is her first work of fiction.

[NOTE: Helena does not live in New Mexico, but she does book talks and signings around the country and is interested in speaking here.]


"Teeth in a Pickle Jar"

ISBN 097689940X

Hand-in-Hand Publishing; Paperback, 260 pages

Genre: Romance Fiction / Chick Lit


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