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Penny Rudolph
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Penny Rudolph has worked as a bartender, a truck driver, a chile picker, a science writer, a medical writer--among other jobs. She's also taught journalism at New Mexico State University. After writing hundreds of feature articles, editing two award-winning corporate magazines, and writing a play produced in several cities, she began writing mystery/suspense novels. Penny has lived most of her life in New Mexico, with a couple of detours to the East and West coasts.


Thicker Than Blood
Rachel Chavez, a recovering alcoholic, owns a parking garage in downtown Los Angeles. One smoggy morning she changes a tire for the head of a water agency. Before the day is out, he's killed by a hit-and-run driver, Rachel spots blood on a water agency fleet car in her garage, and she's caught in the cross-fire of California water politics.
2005 Hardcover release by Poisoned Pen Press
ISBN 1-59058-148-2
2005 Large Print Trade Paperback by Poisoned Pen Press
ISBN 1-59058-163-6

Listen to the Mockingbird
The Civil War in New Mexico, murder, a lost gold mine, and one woman's compelling secret---Matty Summerhayes is a rancher determined to conceal her past. A stranger carrying a baffling map of her land is murdered, Texans invade her valley, and soon disaster is stalking her.
2003 Trade Paperback release by Zumaya Publications, winner of a 2003 EPPIE, used in some American Studies courses
Spring 2007: paperback release by Poisoned Pen

Sequel to Thicker Than Blood
Rachel Chavez discovers two young Mexican boys locked in a van in her parking garage. She races them to the nearby hospital. One is dead, the other is admitted. But when she checks back later, the hospital has no record of either child. In progress
Expect Spring 2007 hardcover release by Poisoned Pen Press


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