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Lisa Lenard-Cook
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BIOGRAPHY fiction columnist Lisa Lenard Cook has been writing her whole life, but didn't begin her freelance career till the mid 1990s when a book producer she'd met in Dolores, Colorado contacted her about writing books for a new series. Could she write a book about astrology in three months? Even though she didn't know nothing 'bout astrology, Lisa jumped at the opportunity. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology is now in its third edition, and Lisa went on to write CIGs to Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Drawing, and Reincarnation. She also wrote the Guide to Dreams for DK's Keep It Simple Series.

In 2000, Lisa saw a brief blurb announcing the Jim Sagel Award for an unpublished novel written by a New Mexican. She uncloseted Dissonance, which she'd first written in 1995, revised it extensively, and sent it off. A year later, she learned from contest judge Kevin McIlovy that he'd selected Dissonance for the award. The book went on to be published by UNM Press in 2003. It's garnered many other honors, including its selection as an NPR Performance Today Summer Reading Choice and as the countywide reading choice of Durango-La Plata Reads. UNM Press published Coyote Morning in 2004.

Lisa is currently revising a novel she first wrote fifteen years. She teaches writing in private classes and also mentors both beginning and more experienced fiction writers. "The Art of Fiction,"; her monthly column on fiction writing at has been called "a refreshing approach to the art of fiction writing."; She loves to hear from readers and writers, and cheerfully (mostly) responds to queries.


Dissonance (UNM Press, 2003)
Coyote Morning (UNM Press, 2004)


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