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Albuquerque Area Book Clubs

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Ravioli Mystery Book Club

Place: Borders--Wyoming & Academy
Date: 2nd Wednesday of the month
Time: 7 PM
Genre: Mystery
Contact: Sue Rosenberg

Droids & Dragons

Place: Page One bookstore cafe
Date: Third Monday
Genre: Sci/Fi, Fantasy

Yvonne Coats

Craig Chrissinger

We take it in turn to pick a science fiction or fantasy novel to discuss each month. We are listed on the Page One website and on the Bubonicon site (Bubonicon is New Mexico's annual science fiction convention, which takes place every August).

Corrales Book Group

Date: Fourth Thursday
Time: 2 PM
Place: Members'homes
Genre: Each year we select 1 non-fiction, one classic and the rest are determined by interest and recommendation of book group members or reviewers.
Contact: Sandi Hoover

The Book Club

Place: Meet at members' houses
Date: Once a month
Genre: General Fiction
Contact: Babs Langner, 898-3212

The Divas

Place: Sandia High School
Date: School Year
Contact: Paige Galvin, 294-1511
NOTE: This is a class for girls in grades 10-12.

Taylor Ranch Branch Library Book Club

Place: Taylor Ranch Branch Library
Date: Second Saturday
Time: 2-3:30 PM
Genre: Preponderantly fiction, a few classic titles, a couple of mysteries, and NYT bestsellers from about 3 years back
Contact: Rick Walter, Adult Services Librarian, 897-8816

Good Shepherd Book Club

Date: Third Monday
Place: Church of the Good Shepherd
7834 Tennyson NE
Genre: Mostly fiction, but also political, economic,
environmental, recreational, historical, etc.
Contact: Sue Gallagher

The "Sometimes on Thursdays" book group

We meet irregularly. We have a general list that goes a couple of months ahead, but we often change that. We have read all styles and even had the chance to review and comment on a draft by an author and then he came to our meeting and listened to our comments. We have kids and soccer and sports and husbands and jobs, but try to read for an outlet and meet to keep our friendships in touch.

Contact: Darcy

ASU Women's Book Group

Place: Members' homes
Date: Every 6-12 weeks
Time: Sunday AM, 10 AM to 12 PM
Genre: Fiction, memoirs, wide variety

This is a group of professional women, mostly MD's.

Contact: Lani Desaulniers

Downtown Neighborhood Book Club

Place: Members' homes
Date: Third Wednesday
Time: 7 PM
Genre: Current fiction and non-fiction; some classics
Contact: Scott Alley